The Jellof Rice War

Show4Africa is still in the process of filming its food episode and we are in Nigeria next week to enjoy some Pounded Yam and Egusi soup.  Food seems to be the favourite episode of the show so far and everyone within the production team is looking forward to this week adventure. However, one person (shhhhhhhhh no names here) is enjoying this episode way more than everyone else and although she 🙂 has been complaining about weight gain since the beginning of this segment, is currently planning her on camera outfit (oh am giving too many clues here) in order to indulge in the food with comfort. Anyways, since food is the current episode on Show4Africa, it is only normal that food has become the usual talk at the studio, which usually mean, they will be a debate of some sort. Well this particular debate came after a claim was made about Ghanaians making the best Jellof rice (apparently it originated from Ghana or did it?). Of course this didn’t go very well with our green, white and green brothers and although as show4Africa blogger I tried my very best to explain that, Jollof rice according to Wikipedia was in fact a Gambia dish and therefore possibly made better by Gambians; neither the black stars nor the green white green team were having it. In the end I was told to go look for a much better source instead of using Google search for everything. my feelings were very much hurt 😦 as I have always regarded myself as a pioneer in research…so for a much “better” research, I decided to hold a questionnaire on Jellof rice.  So guys let’s get started which country did Jollof Riced originated from? Which country’s Jollof rice have you tried? And which one tickled your taste buds the most?  

Passionate about Food? Do you want to try your hands at delicious African cuisine?

Show4Africa is looking for individuals who are willing to be taught how to cook their favourite African dish in front of the cameras. If you are interested or will like more information about this topic please email us at

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