Show4Africa TV

Show4Africa TV programme is centred on African culture, art, music and film within the African community both in Africa and the Diaspora. The purpose of the show is to showcase Africa, which is the most diverse and culturally rich continent in a new light, a light often over shadowed by famine, wars and corruption. With a growing African community within the UK in particular and a sense of pride amongst Africans around the world, a programme that will be celebrating this new phenomenon in a unique style is inevitable.

Hence, a reason Benalex Media has seized this opportunity to create a TV programme that will follow the journey of a new super power, a new Africa. Show4Africa will be bringing out some of the most sensitive, entertaining and eye catching topics that affects Africans in Africa and in the Diaspora (particularly the UK/US). It will also serve to re-educate people interested in Africa and will also serve a new channel to entertain many people on the prides of Africa. African people ultimately will once more embrace their culture and be proud of who they are.

Show4Africa has generated a lot of media interest and as a result, it has engaged a list of public figures who have contributed in some of the episodes already shot pre-launch. We therefore see this show as a valuable asset to any company looking to invest and draw positive emotions towards it brand as well becoming stakeholders For more details about Show4Africa visit or



Fabrice Muamba, Eddie Kadi and John Mensah takes GUBA Awards by storm
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